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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vegetable Tortilla Samosa(সবজি সমুচা)

  1. Mexican flour tortilla-6-8 
  2. Cabbage-3 cup(chopped)
  3. Carrot-2 cup(grated)
  4. Mixed vegetable(beans,peas,corn)-1 cup
  5. Onion-1 medium(chopped)
  6. Red chili powder-1ts or according to your taste
  7. Turmeric powder-1/2 ts
  8. Cumin powder-1 ts
  9. Ginger paste-1 ts
  10. Garlic paste-1 ts
  11. Tasting salt-1/2 ts
  12. Salt-1 ts or according to your taste
  13. Oil-5 Tbs + oil for deep fry
** To seal the edge mix 2 Tbs flour with 4-5 Tbs water.
** You can make your stuffing on your own choice.

  1. Heat 5 Tbs oil in a deep pan. Add onion and fry until tender. Add all vegetables, salt, powder and paste ingredients. Stir for a while.
  2. Cook in lower medium heat until vegetables become tender and all liquid evaporated. Add tasting salt and stir. Remove from the pan and set aside.
  3. Take a tortilla and microwave it for 10 seconds. Cut it from the middle and fold in half. Spread some flour paste on the corner of the tortilla with your finger.(see the picture.) Then again fold it. (make a cone)Fill the cone with your stuffing. Seal the edges with flour paste and set aside. Cover it with a slightly wet paper towel to make sure it won't dry up.

  4. Heat oil in a pan.Fry until both side turns golden brown. Remove from the pan and keep it on a paper towel to soak extra oil.
  5. Serve hot.


  1. Do you use cooked or uncooked tortilla?

  2. I use cooked tortilla but you can also use uncooked.