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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet vermicelli with Milk (দুধ সেমাই)

  1. Shemai/Sweet vermicelli- 100 gm
  2. Milk- 4 cup
  3. Sugar - 4 Tbs or to your taste
  4. Bay leaf- 2 pieces
  5. Cinnamon - 2 pieces
  6. Cardamom- 2 pieces
  7. Ghee/ clarified butter- 1 ts
  8. Salt- 1/4 ts
  9. Raisin- 10-12 pieces
  10. Almond/pistachios(chopped)- 1 Tbs
  1. Roast the Sweet vermicelli in a medium flame for around 10 minutes or until it turns to light brown color. Then remove it from flame and set aside.
  2. Now heat the milk in a pan. Add bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, salt and stir it. Boil the milk properly and reduded it to around 80% by boiling. During boil make sure to stir it so that milk don't burn in the bottom.
  3. Add sugar and ghee in the milk, and make it to another boil. 
  4. Now add the roasted Shemai/Sweet vermicelli in the milk and stir it to mix for about 10 seconds and then take the pan out from the heat.(don't let the shemai to keep in the heat for a long time after adding it in the milk, otherwise shemai will soak all the milk and it become dry.)
  5. Add the raisin and nuts in the shemai and serve it.


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