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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mutton Biryani (মাটন বিরিয়ানি)

Ingredients :
  1. Mutton-1 kg
  2. Bashmati rice-500 gm
  3. Yogurt-1 cup
  4. Onion-3 medium (fried)
  5. Ginger paste-2 Tbs
  6. Garlic paste-2 Tbs
  7. Cardamom-9 pieces
  8. Cinnamon-3 stick
  9. Clove-4 pieces
  10. Green chili-4 pieces
  11. Red chili powder-2 ts
  12. Turmeric powder-1 Tbs
  13. Coriander powder-1 ts
  14. Cumin powder-1 ts
  15. Lime juice-2 Tbs
  16. Saffron-1 pinch
  17. Coriander leaves-3 Tbs chopped(optional)
  18. Ghee-2 Tbs
  19. Oil-1 cup
  20. Salt

Procedure :
  1. Clean and wash mutton properly, drain water.
  2. Place mutton into a bowl. Add all the ingredients except rice,ghee and 1/2 of fried onion. Mix all of them properly and keep it marinate for 2 hours.
  3. Take water into a deep pan. Add 1 Tbs oil and salt. When water boils well put rice in the pan and cook the rice half. Remove from the pan and drain water.
  4. Place the mutton in a pressure cooker and cook it until 2 whistle come out.

  5. Take a heavy lid pod. Place mutton bottom of the pan. Spread half cooked rice in the top of the mutton. Add rest of half fried onion.
  6. Prepare the mixture of the saffron with 2 Tbs water.
  7. Spread ghee and saffron on the top of the rice.
  8. Cover the pod with lid. If the lid is not tight, seal the edge with dough. Cook for 15 minutes in medium heat. Then cook another 10 minutes in low heat.
  9. Turn off the burner and leave it for 30 minutes.
  10. Before serve, mix them well.


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