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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Mawa(মাওয়া)

You can make mawa in different ways. Among these, procedure 1 is the best way to make perfect mawa.
Procedure 1:
Boil 1 litre milk(this amount will make around 1/4 cup mawa) in a pan.Stir it so that it does not stick in the bottom. Stir milk until it become solidify. It may take about 1 hour or 1.5 hour. When it become hard enough take it out and keep it to cool down. Then take a grater or a strainer and grate to make it fine granular forms. If you want you can use evaporated milk or condensed milk. This will help you to save time.
Procedure 2:
You can make mawa from ricotta cheese. Heat around 2 Tbs of clarified butter/ghee in pan and put ricotta cheese in it and stir. Stir it until all moisture evaporated from it and it become solid. Then cool it down and grate it through a grater or strainer to make it fine granular forms.
Procedure 3:
In this process use around 1 cup fine milk powder. If milk powder is not fine, then grind it in a grinder. Now take 2 Tbs clarified butter/ghee in a pan and heat it to a lower medium heat. Then add milk powder and stir continuously. Stir around 5 minutes or until milk powder become a granular form.Take out mawa from the pan to a plate and spread it with hand to become cool.