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Monday, July 30, 2012

Fruit Custard

Ingredients :
  1. Milk - 1 litter
  2. Egg yolk - 2
  3. Custard powder - 3 Tbs
  4. Sugar - 1/2 cups
  5. Raisin - 2 Tbs (optional)
  6. Chopped nuts - 2 Tbs (optional)
  7. Fruits(banana, mango, apple, grape etc)- around 2 cups (cut in cube size) (do not use fruits which have much water like watermelon)
Procedure :
  1. Take the egg yolk in a bowl and beat it smoothly. Now add the custard powder to it and mix them well to make it a smooth mixture.
  2. Now take the milk in the saucepan, add the sugar and put it to a medium heat.
  3. Stir the milk and carefully add the yolk mixture to it. Remember to stir the milk continuously when adding the mixture. Otherwise egg yolk will create lump in the milk and the smoothness of your custard will be lost.
  4. Stir the custard continuously until it start to boil.
  5. Then turn off the heat and pour the custard to your serving bowl. Keep it aside to cool down to room temperature and then put it to refrigerator to chill it.
  6. Add the fruits, nuts and raisin in your custard just before serve. Do not add them long time before serve, because that will make the custard light and the taste of fruits will lost.